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Aside from the title, and the header image . . . this post is not about Pokemon. Hehe . . . Sorry to disappoint!

As some of you may have heard because Astro hates fun and ruins all the surprises, ever . . . I got a cat today ^^ It's so cute, too!



Anyways, topic . . . Uhm . . . You know, I actually have that Mew card up there. It's a bit bent at the edge, but otherwise it's in great condition . . . LET'S TALK ABOUT CARDS :D Awh man, I used to collect Pokemon cards back in the day (I know everyone and their mothers did too, but . . . shush. dis be mai gravy yard, tayters pls). So many good memories of biking in the summer to a K Mart and picking up a booster pack, with some ice cream from Dairy Queen. *sigh* Yupp. I never really played the actual game, but boy, those pictures were amazing ^^